Crucial Need to Beef Up Security Measures


We've seen a lot being done and happen since the advent of the Internet. We've seen innovations like never before, which were not even considered possible before the Internet happened. The era has given birth to some iconic companies like Google that have been able to spread out over to a variety of other fields of life connecting a whole of technologies together, and in the process bring together some bright minds over the World. Not to mention the impact the Internet has had over people alike across the World by bringing them an uninterrupted supply of knowledge at really cheap costs.
But the recent stories have also brought to light the negative aspects of something as amazing as the Internet. Which is a lot to do with a very personal aspect of our everyday lives: Privacy. That's right, it has become really important these days to take steps that will reduce your digital footprint. Because, apparently the Govt. and its security agencies are on the prowl, retrieving and storing information about anyone from a 18 yo team in Texas, to a 90 yo elderly person in Russia. And of course, they prove the validity of these actions. But the truth is that they don not, and as naturally they can't just walk info your house one day and ask of what you're doing at your free time. And that it is certainly "safe". So, they try the next best obvious step, which is finding a doorway through your electronics. Our reliance on our smart devices has made it easier for entities like them, that have a lot of power and money to just up break rules in order to get what they want, even with out the consent of those that are under surveillance of course. 
User privacy is getting a huge beating here, with shoddy people that choose to hire Android developer to create apps that basically exist to illicit through unlawful methods, an example was seen when people called out an apps apparent method of accessing users private data like their photos and media files along with their contact information through mobile app installations. It is the fact of life that not all kinds of people are morally righteous and they will find a way to do bad things no matter what the chosen channel is. But it is high time that general people start taking their privacy very seriously, and watch and backtrack their steps to make sure they are aren't taking steps that could cause harm. 
Especially for someone that's looking to hire Android developer to create an app, they should take care in choosing the correct security framework that wouldn't allow just about anyone but the intended sender and receiver to access the data between the two, and the users that are downloading apps should also look at what kind of permissions the app is requesting, and taking a moment to think whether they are necessary instead of blindly giving in to peer pressure or market fad..