Here's How to Market Your App When You Hire Android Developer


One reason to hire an Android developer is to be able to make then sell your preferred app to the public. That being said, why do so many new apps fail to make an impact on the consciousness of the public? The reason is lack of adequate marketing.
You may wonder what marketing has to do with it. After all, a great app is a great app any way you look at it right? Well, how badly do you want to sell your app? Because no device, gadget or software has ever been able to succeed without some form of marketing. Take the iPad for instance. Do you think Apple would have been able to sell so many iPads without sufficient marketing? Probably not. Because not everyone who wants an iPad is a software developer or involved in the computer business in some way. Actually, most people who bought the iPad are probably neophytes to computers and software in reality. So you really need to know how to market your app before, during and after you hire Android developer.
We say “before” because you need to create some momentum before you can even make an app. Start out with social media. Make some posts on your Facebook and Twitter accounts as “teasers” so that the public notices that you are embarked on your app development project. At this point, you’re probably nervous because this could be your first time to even make an app. If so, be circumspect about the promotion you will be embarking on. Say something simple like “will this app be the one everyone is waiting for? Stay tuned!” That alone will make your contacts sit up and take notice. Then while your app developer is busy making the app, keep churning out posts such as “can’t wait to see what the next stage of my app development is going to look like! You should too!” or perhaps “looking good! I’m really going to enjoy myself testing out this new app!” The point to all this is to arouse awareness and interest without necessarily urging people to buy yet. It would be helpful if you too were enthusiastic about the outcome of the project because that makes it easier to make your social media posts interesting.
Once your hired Android developer has finished the app it is time to start testing it. You might want to form a beta group of testers, probably people you think are trustworthy yet knowledgeable enough about your app subject matter to make incisive comments. Let your beta group have a working copy of the app and then let them do what they want with it. Then start asking questions. Your questions should be critical and try to poke holes in the app system as much as possible. Remember, there are probably some loopholes in the system or bugs and glitches that will need to be ironed out before you launch the app. Once you have solved these problems, then you are ready to launch your much bigger marketing campaign to the mass market.
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