Hire iPhone Developer and Conduct App Store Optimization For Best Results


One thing that a lot of people that venture into mobile app development for the first time think is that if you hire iPhone Developer that'd be it. They think that creating a great mobile app is all that is needed to be done in order for people to gobble it up. This fact is only partially true. I say partially, because it is very important that a great app be created. Functionally great, and at the same time intuitive to the use. So that a lot of people can easily use it. This holds true especially when it comes to games. As the owner of a game, you've probably poured in a lot of resources plus effort in making sure that your game gets to the top and gets a lot of downloads and get you a good amount of return on your investments. 
But the important fact to notice is that in the current times, mobiles reign the commercial space and personal space, which means that there exists a really tight cut throat competition to get to the top of the lists. Be it the top downloads, or picks whatever the title of the list be. Your app needs to be at the top in order to get noticed and make money back for you. Come to think of it, Google probably gets dozens and dozens of apps for review in just a day. And that means there is no dearth of apps to people to compete against for your apps. Some of the apps in that list are probably been in the app store for more than a year, which means, everyone and their family and friends are aware of the app and therefore more likely to recommend that app around which means more free advertisement for it. All the while your app will be just sitting there without anyone even knowing about it. And will be pushed down the list gradually as other apps come along. 
This is where you need to hire iPhone developer and then sit with them to know about the various optimization methods that you can use to bring in more traffic, i. e. more downloads. Or you might even need to get some help from someone that specializes in ASO or App Store Optimization. Which is a strategy similar to SEO that people do to their websites. ASO takes all the data that you've put across on your app listing in the store and optimizes it so that the things that demand your focus come forth and get noticed, and eventually make people want to get your product. Like, cleansing your app description to leave on the important aspects and eye catching features about your app behind. So, people don't have a hard time deciding what your app is about and whether they want it get it for themselves or someone they know. 
Another important aspect that ASO takes into account are the app screenshots that you've put up. Developers can only use a few number of images and therefore need to be careful about what they put up. So that potential users are attracted to the design, functionality as well as the fun about the app. But you also don't want to bare everything and not leave anything for their imagination.