How to Market Your App When You Hire iPhone Developer


When people hire iPhone developer they often think only as far as finishing programming of the app and then releasing it to the public. Most won’t think about how to market the app at all which may explain why there are so many IPhone apps floating around unnoticed even if they are really great apps to start with. Marketing the app is just as important as making it so when you embark on an app development project you should be sure to think carefully about how you plan to market this app to the public and rake in big profits in the end.
First of all, you should know who would be most likely to buy your app. Did you design it so that young folks would be most likely to take a shine to it? Or were you thinking instead of the older yuppies who are now in middle age and would like to invest their hard earned money in an IPhone and some great IPhone apps? Some might even market their apps to young children who have indulgent parents with deep pockets.
Second, what category does your app fall into? Some people make game apps while others make utilitarian apps fitted with GPS and weather satellite videos. The category that your app falls into is really an important determinant of who would most likely buy it because not every app will appeal to every person out there. So it’s good that you can pick and choose the app category even before development.
Third, do you have social networking media? If yes, you can use this to your advantage by posting regularly about your new app. Just talk about it in a conversational tone as if you were talking to your best buds and sharing what you know rather than using a hard sell advertising push to market the app. You may find that this will turn on more people to the idea of buying your new app than if you used hard selling techniques.
Fourth, do alternate use of social media. This means using Facebook sometimes and Twitter sometimes. You could also use both Facebook and Twitter if you liked but that might suddenly turn into a hard sell marketing push which is something you would like to avoid, unless you’re really aiming for the mass market. For a mass marketing push, it’s okay to really go all out with your posts so that more people will sit up and take notice.
Take note that there is a big difference between a niche marketing effort and a mass marketing push. Niche marketing means you have a specific market that you are catering to while a mass marketing push means you want to cater to everyone, no holds barred. You may have to do trial and error to see which kind works for your app right now. You can also rely on both if you have time, energy and motivation to invest in marketing your app, and if you can't then you can hire iPhone developer