What are the Ideal Markets for Your App When You Hire Android Developer?


So you went about to hire Android developer, had the app made and now are facing the task of marketing your app. Sounds simple? It might be but more often than not marketing an app brings with it its own slew of difficulties as well. So sit tight and let’s examine how we can go about marketing your app.
First of all, who did you design your app for? You must have had an idea of an ideal app user, particularly one for your app. Were you thinking of marketing this app to young adults who have just been accepted into their first job and are thinking of rewarding themselves with a new phone? Or perhaps you were thinking of the adolescents whose indulgent parents are ready to reward their kids with a new phone or mobile device? Or even better, are you thinking of those baby boomers who have empty nest syndrome and need a new phone to stay in touch with their kids and grandkids? These are just a few of the many markets that you could possibly market your new app to. It all depends on your initial idea when you first started the project.
Next, how much were you thinking of pricing your app at? With more than a million apps out there to compete against, pricing is a big factor that you need to consider. After all, would you spend that much on a new app yourself? If not, who would? To get an idea of how much to price your app for, go check out the prices of pre-existing apps out there online. Would you price your app lower or higher than these? If so, why? Asking yourself these questions will help you figure out whether your pricing is at the appropriate level.
Third, try to find a focus group that will analyze your app for you. This focus group should ideally be made up of people from the markets that you were thinking would like your app. If you were thinking of the young adults, perhaps you can find some yuppies that would be willing to serve as your focus group. If you were thinking of the adolescents, that shouldn’t be a problem as there are plenty of those around. And if you were thinking of the baby boomers, well, ask around your circles and see if their parents are willing to join your focus group. Just be sure to explain well to them that they are to test your app and see how well it serves their needs, and why. If not, why doesn’t the app serve them well? That too is important.
As you can see, making an app is a major endeavor that requires a lot of work and effort and most importantly to hire Android developer who understands your prokect properly and shares your enthusiasm. You should treat your app as you would a newly born baby, giving it plenty of care and attention until it is time to release it into the market for the benefit of all customers who pass your way.